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Purpose & Mission

MABA is a non-profit organization founded in September of 2005 and officially approved for Affiliate status from the larger Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) in May of 2006. MABA became an Affiliate of the Association of Professional Behavior Analysts (APBA) in August of 2015. MABA is composed of a large body of committed members; and the organization's direction and goals are determined by an elected executive committee and a number of other internal committees. MABA membership is entirely voluntary.

Our mission is to develop and disseminate knowledge about behaviour analysis as a science. MABA's interests lie in basic science focusing on principles governing human and nonhuman behaviour (i.e., the experimental analysis of behavior) as well as applied science focusing on application of those principles for improvement of socially important problems (i.e., applied behaviour analysis), and disseminating this information to stimulate interest in and correct misunderstandings of behaviour analysis.  

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MABA By-Laws

Learn more about the purpose and responsibilities of the Manitoba Association for Behaviour Analysis.

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