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Dr. Ashley Daniel, BCBA-D

Statement of Service

Some of the services that I provide include:
- Assessment and treatment of challenging behaviours in children with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities, as well as typically developing children (e.g., tantrums, aggression, self-injurious behaviour, and feeding/eating problems).
- Teaching language and communication skills, including Augmentative Communication.
- Providing individualized programming to teach skills in a variety of areas, such as toilet-training, social-emotional skills, cooperation, basic academic skills, and safety skills (e.g., stranger safety).
- Addressing sleep difficulties in children.
- Services for youth and adults may include teaching independent living skills, vocational skills, social skills, emotional regulation/coping skills, etc.

My availability includes evenings and weekends.

Service eligibility criteria:

No eligibility criteria

Is this service eligible for funding?


*Please contact the service provider in addition to your insurance provider to discuss funding eligibility.

Contact Information

(204) 801-4924

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